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From the start, you've been the driving force behind our work and our mission. And now, for the first time, we'd like to take it even further: we're inviting our community to become shareholders in our company so that you can be involved in our success.

Interested in investing in Hoopcare?

We'd like to offer you the possibility of participating in the extension of our Seed fundraising at the same price as our current investors. The minimum investment equals the price of one Hoopcare share, i.e. €93.

We're partnering with Crowdcube to allow our community to invest in our company so that our customers can play a more active role in our growth.

¹At this stage, signing up only indicates interest in the project and access to advance information, and is not viewed as a commitment to invest. Investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.

Join our partners & customers such as Ramsay Santé, MACSF Insurance, Newfund, or Quincy Anesthésie.


Why invest in Hoopcare ?

Find out why it is we’re inviting our clients to invest in us, and learn what it really means to be a Hoopcare shareholder.

Yassine Moussali

Anesthesiologist, Founder

Richard Boyer

Anesthesiologist, MD, PhD, New York Presbyterian

Augustin Le Viguelloux

Surgeon, MD

Franck Ehooman

Anesthesiologist, MD

Anis Moussali

Anesthesiologist, MD

Kevin Sexton

Surgeon & CMIO at UAMS, Arkansas


Join first-class investors and partners

MACSF Investissement
Healthcare insurance for hospitals and healthcare professionals

Venture Capitalist for startups in France and in the USA.

BPI France
Winner of the BPI Innov'up Experimentation and Development programs

La French Tech Care
Winner of the BPI Innov'up Experimentation and Development programs

Cornell Technion
Supported by the American accelerator associated with the New York Presbyterian Hospital

 Berkeley Accelerator
Supported by the health accelerator at the University of California Berkeley


Hoopcare's key wins and  and next steps.

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Patients are (very) satisfied.


Clinicians are (very) satisfied.

Results of an evaluation carried out at Hôpital Privé Paul d'Égine in Champigny, France, in coordination with the Ramsay Santé health system.


Some  are (very) satisfied.

Your questions on Hoopcare’s community fundraising campaign

Our obsession with quality medicine is at the heart of our DNA.

At Hoopcare, patient and clinician satisfaction is our priority, and we're constantly looking for new ways to improve. Our ambition is to become their best ally, giving them the technological boost they need to improve the quality of patient care in the operating room. Today, we're going one step further. We're empowering our users to join us in our mission, as Hoopcare investors.

You help us build Hoopcare's future and contribute to our success, alongside our current major investors. Hoopcare's history is linked to entrepreneurship. Hoopcare was created by healthcare professionals and engineers to meet the quadruple objective of improving care for patients, supporting professionals, reducing costs and preparing the future of healthcare.

These healthcare professionals understand the challenges of health-tech and the value of our product, our mission. We want to get them more involved, and build together a community driven by new technologies.
Why choose to invest in Hoopcare?
Over the past two years, for example, we have:
- Developed a perioperative evaluation and optimization platform, ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our partner establishments;
- Deployed this solution within the Ramsay Santé group, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving the care of surgical patients.
- Launched a tele-medicine activity in 6 US states, with a contract in the process of being signed with one of the leading anesthesia groups in the USA (US Anesthesia Partners

With a pre-Seed fundraising of 1.79 million euros from prestigious investors in 2022, Hoopcare is now valued at 13 million euros. Our goal is to become the perioperative assessment and optimization solution for one million patients in France and the USA by 2026. The sums invested in this investment campaign will initially be used to support our growth in France, and to complete the roll-out of our solution in two facilities in the United States.
What are the benefits of being a Hoopcare shareholder?
There are many perks to investing in Hoopcare. You get to:

Help shape our product - You’ll get priority access to our products, so you can test them first. Your business acumen can only help us develop even better products to make healthcare and perioperative management easier.
Be a part of a tech-driven community - You’re joining a growing pan-European collective of healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs looking to improve quality of care.
Be a Hoopcare Ambassador - Love Hoopcare? Us too. Spread the word, and get rewards.
Share in our success - Being an investor at Hoopcare means that if we grow, your investment can grow.
What is community fundraising?
Community fundraising is an equity-based financing solution for unlisted companies (i.e. not traded on a formal exchange). Some of you may know this as equity crowdfunding.

In exchange for their contribution, investors usually receive shares or stock in the company. This means they have the potential to make a profit in the event that the company goes public or gets acquired by another company at a higher value than that which was set when the shares were distributed. Conversely, there is an equal risk of losing part or all of the money invested in the event that the company loses value.
What is Crowdcube?
Crowdcube is the first European investment platform that allows start-ups and scale-ups to open up their capital to both novice and experienced investors who are interested in contributing towards the future of businesses they believe in.
Who are the other investors in Hoopcare?
Since its launch, Hoopcare has raised a total of 2 million euros from major international investors such as Newfund and MACSF Investissement, and numerous business angels such as Yann Fleureau (CEO at Cardiologs, acquired by Philips), Filippo Monteleone (former CEO at Ramsay Santé) and numerous anesthetists and surgeons. Today, Hoopcare is valued at between 10 and 14 million euros.
Who can invest in Hoopcare?
To begin with, we'll be opening up our capital to operating room professionals (or relatives) over the age of 18, residing in the European Union.

Please note: the first users to express their interest by pre-registering will be given priority to invest. We expect to reach our fundraising target quickly, so make sure you pre-register as soon as possible, between now and April 30th, to keep up to date with the latest news about our campaign.
I'm based outside of EU or I want invest larger tickets.
Please reach out to us directly by Linkedin or at
When is the community fundraising campaign going to launch?
Pre-registration for Hoopcare's community fundraising campaign has now closed.The official launch date of the campaign will soon be announced to those who a) will have indicated their interest and b) respond to the criteria listed above in the question above titled “Who can invest in Hoopcare?"
I’ve filled out the form. Does this mean I’m legally obliged to invest?
No. By filling out this form, you simply indicated your interest in learning more about the campaign and signed up for the priority list of potential investors.
We shared this information with you well ahead of schedule because we wanted those who know us best - our customers and our community - to be the first to be in the know.If you pre-registered, we recommend that you also create an account with Crowdcube using the email address you use with Hoopcare. You’ll get the latest updates once the campaign starts.
How much will I be able to invest?
The minimum investment will be equal to the price of one Hoopcare share, i.e. €83.63.
As for the maximum, this will depend on the demand as we wish to serve as many investors as possible. Our initial thought was to cap the amount at €10,000.
How much is a Hoopcare share? What is its valuation?
The share price has been set at €85.63, which corresponds to the share price during the current investment round (known as "Seed").
Keep in mind, our shares have no present market value because Hoopcare is not currently listed on the stock market.That said, the value of the share will continue to evolve over time, and can be set either after a significant change in our capital or by expert appraisal. We are very ambitious and hopeful for the coming years but we cannot give an exact number.
Valuations are sensitive to lots of external factors such as financial market valuation, economic outlook (level of interest rate), amount of capital available for investments by VCs etc. We will keep you informed of the evolution of this value.Our community investment shares will be the same price as the shares we sold during our last fundraising round (known as "Seed"),
What happens after the campaign closes?
Once the campaign closes, the completion process begins:
- You will receive a copy of the Articles of Association and other documents relevant to your investment in Hoopcare via email and soon thereafter there will be a 7-day cooling off period, where you are allowed to modify or cancel your investment.
- Once the cooling off period has passed, your investment commitment is considered legally binding and we will begin the process of collecting payment and issuing electronic share certificates.

And that’s it - you’ll officially be a Hoopcare shareholder.
Will I be a direct shareholder of Hoopcare? if not, where will the shares be lodged?
The shares will be lodged in a Nominee managed by Crowdcube. A Nominee is an intermediary account that is held by Crowdcube on behalf of the investor for ease of both present and future transactions. While the Crowdcube nominee holds the legal title of the shares, the individual investors receive all the benefits associated with the investment, such as any future returns.
Will I be able to sell my shares?
Our goal is to implicate our clients on Hoopcare’s value creation in the long run, which is why we do not permit the sale of Hoopcare shares for the time being. However, in the future there may be many exit opportunities - for example an IPO, the sale of Hoopcare, or organised secondary transactions.
What rights will I have as a Hoopcare shareholder?
As a Hoopcare shareholder, you will be entitled to any proceeds related to the shares (sales proceeds and dividends if applicable) and you may be consulted on certain decisions to be approved by the shareholders’ meeting (approval of the annual accounts, issuance of new shares).
Am I protected against a decrease in Hoopcare's valuation?
The shares benefit from a contractual preference right on the proceeds in the event of an exit.
In a nutshell, this means that if the price per share for the exit is below the subscription price of your shares, you will have a preferential right on the proceeds up to the amount of your investment and you will be reimbursed of your invested amount in priority. This limits the risk of your investment.
France → Quelles sont les possibilités de réduction d'impôts avec mon investissement ?
Hoopcare a le statut de Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) et est éligible JEIR. En investissant dans ce type d’entreprise, vous pouvez réduire vos impôts sur le revenu à hauteur de 50 % de la somme investie au capital de l’entreprise. Le plafond est de 75 000 € pour une personne seule, 150 000 € pour un couple. Plus d'informations cette adresse :


Hoopcare 2.0 Perioperative Copilot

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[Capital at Risk.] Investing in startups and early stage businesses involves risks,
including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it
should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.