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Surgical optimization in 4 simple steps

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After scheduling surgery, complete our online preoperative assessment to learn if you are ready for surgery, or if you need more preparation.


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Within minutes, you'll speak with an expert! You'll get a full evaluation, prescriptions (when needed) and medical report.

We provide your surgeon with a highly detailed and precise preoperative clearance report for your upcoming surgery. *Requires patient approval.


What we treat

Preoperative optimization program based on the latest surgical and medical society guidelines.


Optimize your patients before surgery

Comprehensive pre-ops for all procedures with individualized risk analysis and evidence-based care pathways.


Expert providers who really care for your patients.

Patients connect one-on-one with expert perioperative MD's and NP's who are dedicated to helping them prepare for surgery.


Life-changing care, down to science and data-driven protocols

We are compiling the largest preoperative optimization and patient-reported outcome dataset.

of our patients start with moderate to high surgery risk
of our patients receive at least one new prescription
of our patients are satisfied and less anxious about their procedure
of our patient achieve improved health within 2 weeks

The science of
surgical optimization.

Over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles have been published on surgical optimization. We have distilled the highest-grade evidence into a single artificial intelligence algorithm.

about prehabilitation


No fee for referral
Affordable for patients

Whether full optimization or just risk screening, our plans provide the high quality care at an affordable price.

Free screening
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Questionnaire submission
Surgical risk report
Scheduled video evaluation
Surgery clearance letter
Unlimited 24/7 messaging
Surgery pack
Comprehensive presurgery plan
At-home EKG
Covered by insurance
or $49 without
Questionnaire submission
Surgical risk report
Scheduled video evaluation
Surgery clearance letter
Unlimited 24/7 messaging
Surgery pack
Comprehensive presurgery plan
At-home EKG
Covered by insurance
or $99 without
Questionnaire submission
Surgical risk report
Scheduled video evaluation
Surgery clearance letter
Unlimited 24/7 messaging
Surgery pack
Comprehensive presurgery plan
At-home EKG (added $49)


Explore our future HoopCare facilities

Our clinics provide a full spectrum of preoperative services. Opening in 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL and New York, NY.

  • Iron and EPO infusions for anemia
  • Advanced cardiology evaluation
  • On-site nutrition counseling and physical therapy
  • EKG, echocardiography and stress testing.
  • Sleep apnea advanced screening
  • For all other diagnostic tests, HoopCare partners with selected centers in the area to ensure they are performed promptly.


Our university partner


Also available in Europe

Evidence-based telemedicine company.


patients screened

Thousands of patients assessed and hundreds of patients treated with our partner organizations.

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clinical trials

Our research group studies digital advances for improved surgical quality and safety.

Our clinical trials


Where is HoopCare available?
HoopCare screening is available anywhere in the United States. Telehealth services are currently available in Florida, and will be available soon in other states. Please contact us to find out when we will be available near you.
Who is HoopCare for?

HoopCare is available for adults 18 years and older who are planning to undergo any surgery or procedure requiring anesthesia.

These include (but are not limited to):
- Any elective (non-emergency) surgery
- Sedation procedures (dentistry, endoscopy/colonoscopy, office-based procedures)
- Maternal prenatal care

Remote care is not a good fit for people with certain conditions or situations.
How can HoopCare help me?
HoopCare makes it easy to achieve high quality preparation for surgery from home.

Here’s how Hoopcare works:

1. Take the assessment: answer questions about your medical history to receive your personal surgical readiness report.

2. Connect with a surgery expert: get matched with an expert pre-surgery provider for a comprehensive video evaluation. Share your medical and surgical history, then decide on the best next steps — together. These conversations normally last about 10-15 minutes to review your health, discuss your pre-surgery plan, and answer any questions you may have.

3. Follow your care plan with 24/7 support: if the provider chooses to prescribe, your medication will be delivered to your door (approximately 2-3 business days after your consultation). Your plan also includes 24/7 online chat support, and self-care tools you can use at your own pace.

4. Make progress until and after your surgery: we’ll ask you about your progress weekly and remind you of important preparation steps, so you can achieve the best results.


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