Surgical Clearance

clear patients for surgery faster, safer and easier.

Experience peace of mind and get access to expert surgical and anesthesia clinicians selected for you. Meet your new partner for fast on-demand surgical clearance—providing you with 24/7 access to medical care and expertise.


Don't miss the opportunity to provide best-in-class preparation for surgery to avoid costly complications or cancellation.
Get surgical clearance with experts.

Our mission is to provide safe & affordable surgical care
for every patient using AI technology and telehealth.


Long waits

Get clearance letter, labs prescriptions, and comprehensive evaluation from top-rated, board-certified US clinicians.


Surprise fees

Our price excludes any ancillary services (e.g., labs, medical equipment...) but are usually covered by healthcare plans.

guarantee policy

False promises

If you don’t like Hoopcare or can't get a clearance, we’ll refund your payment without any question.


Primary care and urgent care doctors

We provide best-in-class evaluation and management to reduce risk of surgery complications.


How does it work for the patient?

After scheduling surgery, the patient complete our online pre-surgery assessment to learn if you can get your surgical clearance, or if you need more preparation or optimization to get safe surgery.

1. Signup & book your visit

Signup and schedule your visit to get access our team of pre-surgery expert clinicians by. Make sure to book that visit at least 3 days before your procedure.

2. Answer a set of questions to prepare your visit

Send your clearance letter if you have one and complete our online pre-surgery assessment to prepare the visit.

3. Get your labs done when you want with Quest

If you need a physical examination, we'll send you our telehealth pack.

4. Get your clearance letter after the telehealth visit

We review everything with you during a 10 to 30 minutes visit with our clinical team. Access our team of pre-surgery expert clinicians by booking your appointment for a video visit.

5. Get 24/7 access support before your surgery.

Stay connected in the HoopCare app with our online chat, surgical planner, and pre-surgery educational content.

6. Question after your surgery? We'll be there too.

Stay connected in the Hoopcare app with our online chat after the procedure for any question you may have.


Meet our team
Access our world-class clinicians experts in surgery and anesthesia clearance right from your pocket

We have trained and supervised 100+ licensed clinicians to make sure you get first-class preparation and clearance for your surgery.

Richard Boyer, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
AnesthesiologistWeill Cornell Medicine

Mark Schlangel, MD, MBA
Memorial Health Network

Yessica Salazar DNP, APRN
Nurse Practitioner
University of Miami

Kevin Sexton,  MD
Scientific Board
General Surgeon
UAMS Medical Center

Yassine Moussali, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Anesthesiologist & Intensivist
Université de Paris


Our partners and
patients are satisfied.

No one accomplishes anything alone. We are very grateful to our partners, clients, and collaborators who are helping us along the way. Finalist of the Sharks Innovation at the American Society of Anesthesiologist Annual Meeting 2022.

Hoopcare compared to
primary and urgent care doctors

We are focused on surgical and anesthesia clearance.
They are not.

Clearance with Primary Care Doctor or Urgent Care

Low expertise in surgery and anesthesia
After hour fees
No presurgery optimization

Clearance with Hoopcare Experts

Certified clearance letter with best-in-class evaluation and management.
We pair clinicians with advanced AI to provide data-driven, personalized care around the clock.
Includes at-home EKG, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor & AI-heart analysis to replicate the quality of an in-person visit*
Scheduled telehealth visit with a US expert clinician
Unlimited 24/7 messaging to help you navigate through your surgery
Based Pricing
Based on your insurance plan
and delay.

Presenting our innovative Health Monitoring Surgery Box, your comprehensive health management solution, now with added benefits. This all-in-one kit is designed to provide you with the tools you need to monitor your health accurately and conveniently, and it now offers even more.

Our Health Monitoring Surgery Box is not just a product, but a commitment to your optimal evaluation and monitoring. Stay informed, stay healthy, and take a proactive approach to your surgery with our Health Monitoring Surgery Box.

EKG Monitor: With Kardia Alivecor advanced EKG monitor delivers precise readings of your heart rhythm and electrical activity, enabling early detection of any potential irregularities.

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Our high-quality stethoscope EKO AI allows you to monitor heart and lung sounds, providing a comprehensive overview of your cardiovascular health.

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Blood Pressure Monitor: With our easy-to-use blood pressure monitor, you can keep track of your blood pressure levels from the comfort of your home. It offers quick and accurate readings, helping you maintain optimal blood pressure and avoid related health complications.

Pulse Oximeter: Get instant readings of your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate with our pulse oximeter. This essential tool helps you monitor your respiratory health and ensure your body is receiving the oxygen it needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who's behind Hoopcare?
Hoopcare is a telehealth service dedicated to preparing patients for surgery. Our team consists of world-class clinicians, including Richard Boyer, MD, PhD, who serves as our Chief Medical Officer and is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine. Our team has trained and supervised over 100 licensed clinicians to ensure you receive first-class preparation and optimization for your surgery. You can also find us on Zocdoc.

HoopCare is available for adults 18 years and older who are planning to undergo any surgery or procedure requiring anesthesia.

These include (but are not limited to):
- Any elective (non-emergency) surgery
- Sedation procedures (dentistry, endoscopy/colonoscopy, office-based procedures)
- Maternal prenatal care

Remote care is not a good fit for people with certain conditions or situations.
2. The surgeon require a physical examination, how does it work?
If you require a physical examination, Hoopcare will send you a telehealth pack. After scheduling your surgery, complete our online pre-surgery assessment to determine if you can receive your surgical clearance or if you need further preparation.
3. Can you tell me more about the Health Monitoring Surgery Box?
Certainly! Our innovative Health Monitoring Surgery Box is a comprehensive health management solution. It's designed to provide you with the tools needed to monitor your health accurately. This kit is not just a product but a commitment to your optimal evaluation and monitoring. Please note that all medical equipment is loaned, and we provide a free return shipping label.
4. Is Hoopcare legitimate? Will the clearance letter will be accepted?
Absolutely! Hoopcare is a trusted telehealth service with a primary focus on pre-surgery checkups and clearances. Our Chief Medical Officer, Richard Boyer, MD, PhD, is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine. Additionally, we have received over 123 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.8, showcasing our commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction.
5. Are there any limitations for inpatient surgery?
While the website doesn't specify all the limitations, it's common for outpatient surgeries to have certain restrictions, such as high BMI or the complexity of the surgery. It's always best to consult with our expert clinicians to determine if you're a suitable candidate for outpatient surgery.
6. My surgeon requested an EKG, how do I proceed?
If your surgeon has requested an EKG or any other tests, Hoopcare can assist. We provide at-home EKG services, among other tests, to ensure you're fully prepared for your surgery.
7. I need to send documents, how do I do that?
You can send your documents to or upload them directly in the Hoopcare application for a seamless experience.
8. Are the costs of labs and other paraclinical examinations included?
No, the costs for labs and other ancillary services, such as medical equipment, are not included in our pricing. However, these costs are usually covered by most healthcare plans.
9. How do you determine if I can have a fast track clearance in less than 48 hours?
Fast track clearance in less than 48 hours is determined based on your health assessment and risk factors. If you don't require a physical examination and are deemed a low-risk patient, you might be eligible for this expedited service.