Data, Security and IT Integration at Hoopcare

At Hoopcare, we understand that health data is not just a collection of numbers and charts; it's the lifeline of patient care. Ensuring the security of this data and working seamlessly with IT teams are cornerstones of our commitment to advancing healthcare. By partnering with Hoopcare, hospitals and healthcare providers can rest assured that their data management is in capable hands, paving the way for enhanced patient outcomes.

Data Ownership models

Collaborative Ownership Model
For clients who choose our comprehensive service package, including both our cutting-edge technology and clinical support by our team of dedicated nurses and doctors, we offer a co-ownership model. This approach ensures that while leveraging our expertise, both Hoopcare and the healthcare provider have shared access and responsibility over the generated data. This model fosters a collaborative environment conducive to the highest standards of patient care.

Hospital-Centric Ownership Model
For healthcare providers that opt for our technology SaaS platform without additional clinical support, full data ownership is transferred to the hospital. This model allows institutions like Ochsner Health in Louisiana to maintain exclusive control over their data, ensuring compliance with their internal policies and governance structures.

Security toward SoC2

Hoopcare is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security. We are currently in the process of obtaining our SOC 2 certification, demonstrating our dedication to rigorous security practices. Our compliance with all relevant standards ensures that our partners can trust us with their most sensitive information.

Data Storage with AWS

To guarantee the utmost reliability and security, all data managed by Hoopcare is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry-leading cloud service provider.

AWS's comprehensive security features ensure that your data is protected against unauthorized access and threats. Importantly, AWS is HIPAA compliant and has achieved ISO 27001 certification, reflecting its adherence to the highest standards of data protection and information security management. This alignment with top compliance standards underscores our commitment to safeguarding sensitive health information.

On-Premise Installation for large Health System

Understanding the diverse needs of large enterprise accounts, Hoopcare offers a tailored on-premise installation option. This solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, providing an added layer of control and customization. Notably, our on-premise installations are compatible with the three leading cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.

Opting for an on-premise installation does involve additional costs for installation and ongoing maintenance. This is to ensure that your tailored system remains up-to-date with the latest algorithms and security measures, maintaining the high standard of care and data protection that Hoopcare is known for. Contact us for detailed pricing information and to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

Federating Data Program

Federating Data Program
Join Forces with Other Institutions

Looking towards the future, Hoopcare is excited to introduce our long-term federating data program. This initiative will allow participating hospitals to contribute to and benefit from an extensive data network, enhancing patient outcomes through shared insights. Participants in this program can expect to receive a return on investment based on their contributions to this collective knowledge pool.

Medical ROI

By participating in our Federating Data Program, your institution can contribute to and benefit from the development of algorithms aimed at improving care management. This collaborative approach to algorithm development accelerates the discovery of innovative care protocols, directly impacting patient outcomes and setting new standards in healthcare efficiency.

Economic ROI

The collective data generated and shared within the Federating Data Program opens new avenues for economic gain. As new algorithms and datasets become valuable assets for the medical device industry and beyond, your institution will receive a share of the economic benefits proportional to your level of involvement and contribution to the program. This model ensures that your contributions are recognized and rewarded, fostering a sustainable ecosystem of innovation and growth.

Publication ROI

Participation in the Federating Data Program provides unparalleled access to large datasets that can be utilized for impactful research papers. This access facilitates high-quality clinical trials and studies, enabling your institution to lead in the publication of groundbreaking research. The visibility and recognition gained through these publications further establish your institution as a leader in healthcare innovation.

Reimbursement ROI

Leveraging the comprehensive data available through the Federating Data Program can significantly enhance your negotiations with payors. By providing concrete data to support the efficacy and efficiency of treatments, your institution can improve reimbursement rates and optimize financial outcomes. This data-driven approach to payer negotiations underscores the value of your healthcare services, benefiting both your institution and the patients you serve.

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