Hoopcare 2.0 Perioperative Copilot

Prepare, engage and optimize patients for surgery. At the next level.

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A new dimension of evaluation & management at your fingertips

Experience a powerful new suite of tools designed to help you and your patients save time and get things done - together.


Our comprehensive AI preoperative questionnaire for initial screening.

Automated self-evaluation - 10 minutes: comprehensive preoperative survey with pre-populated patient history from the EHR. Collection and organization of internal EHR documents.

Triage & Optimization

Identification of risk factors, connecting the patient to the right specialist within your network

AI-based preoperative care plans with evidence-based optimization protocols, preoperative risk assessment algorithms, PROMS surveys and reporting.


Anticipate preoperative testing orders, iron infusion and much more

Based on industry best practices and clinical guidelines (e.g., smoking cessation, iron infusion, cardiology referral). Automated care actions, including medication prescriptions, referrals and patient communication.


Tailored, end-to-end perioperative programs with your hybrid clinic

A tech-enabled approach to perioperative care is aligned with health system resource constraints and trends toward value-based care. We'll provide a centralized visualization of all surgical patients in the pre-surgical phase.


Include postoperative followup to prevent readmission

Our evidence-based cloud platform combines predictive analytics with clinical guidelines to identify surgical risks, create personalized care plans, and simplify perioperative patient care.


Rules engines, optical character and voice recognition and so much more.

AI analysis of anesthesia & surgical risk factors. Medical history synthesis and preoperative risk scores. Document  Automated updates of patient status.

Telehealth Doctor Men


Get the right patients for your practice using telehealth.

Reach the largest group of patients searching for care online. Pay only for first-time new patient bookings.


Communicate and support patients at exactly the right moment

Faster resolutions. Faster communication. Happier patients. Hoopcare is the only platform that connects you with patients at the best possible time.


Connect to the smartwatch and monitor vitals before and after sugery

Monitor critical vitals in real-time. Stay updated on your patient's heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and more, ensuring timely intervention and optimal patient outcomes.

Experience a powerful new suite of tools designed to help you and your patients save time and get things done - together.


One major release. Infinite possibilities.

Prepare, engage & optimize patients for surgery.


One tool for your whole team.
Free for teams to try.

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Hoopcare Free Software
Hoopcare Free

Basic features to evaluate and triage patients on your own. For free.
Evaluate: Send Preoperative Questionnaire
Anticipate: Basic Triage Dashboard to Identify Low-Risk Patients
Inform: Help your Patients get the Right Information
Consent: Send Electronic Consent Easily
Hoopcare Pro Software
Hoopcare Pro

$10 per patient
For teams and ASCs who want to implement a minimal staffing preoperative clinic using Hoopcare automation.
Everything in Free, and
Anticipate: Advanced Triage Dashboard for Outpatient Eligibility and Optimization Actions
Prepare: Preoperative Report Pre-rendered with AI
Communicate: Automate Patient Outreach so you can Focus on Patient Care
Follow-up: Postoperative Questionnaire for Early-Detection of Complications
Hoopcare Pro Software
+ On-Demand Clinicians
+ On-Demand Clinicians

$20 per patient
For teams and ASCs looking to outsource the preoperative triage.
Everything in Pro, and
On-Demand Clinicians for Telehealth Visits to Review and Approve Intermediate Risk Patients
Nurse Coordinator to Help Engage Patients with the Surgery