Telehealth surgical clearance

We get patients cleared for surgery faster, safer and easier.

Hoopcare Partners helps hospitals and providers quickly provide surgical clearance and virtual perioperative services.


We help you get first-class
surgical clearance for your patients.

Our clinicians are board-certified experts in perioperative medicine.
Let us build a first-class preoperative clinic for your facility and
guarantee the highest quality care for your patients.


Meet our team
Access our world-class clinicians experts in surgery and anesthesia clearance.

We have trained and supervised 100+ licensed clinicians to make sure you get first-class preparation and clearance for your surgery.

Richard Boyer, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Weill Cornell Medicine

Mark Schlangel, MD, MBA
Memorial Health Network

Yessica Salazar DNP, APRN
Nurse Practitioner
Weill Cornell Medicine
University of Miami

Kevin Sexton,  MD
Scientific Board
General Surgeon
UAMS Medical Center

Steven Winnett, DNP, CRNA
Nurse Anesthetist
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Yassine Moussali, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Anesthesiologist & Intensivist
Université de Paris


Refer patients to get fast and high-quality surgical clearance using telehealth

A simple way to triage and assess eligibility for an outpatient procedure.


Patients answer a set of questions

Test it here

After scheduling surgery, patients complete our online pre-surgery assessment to learn if they are ready for an outpatient procedure, or they need more preparation.


We coordinate labs and any necessary test.

AI-based triage to reduce the staffing for preoperative call and chart review.


Telehealth visit to get the surgical clearance letter.

We provide a full virtual evaluation, prescriptions (when needed) and pre-surgery care plan. We provide your surgical & anesthetic team with a detailed preoperative clearance letter for your upcoming surgery.

4. AND SuPPORT 24/7

Provide support to patient end-to-end.

Reduce your cancellation rate. Increase your patient and team satisfaction by offering 24/7 support.


We help you reach
your objectives.

With our experts, we help you build a minimal staffing preoperative clinic, powered by the latest health technology.


Cancellation Rates

Preparation & engagement.
For every patient.



Preoperative optimization.
Leading to less complications.


Quality of Care

Improve evaluation.
Reduce complications.



Optimize perioperative
billing and revenue generation.


Our partners and
patients are satisfied.

No one accomplishes anything alone. We are very grateful to our partners, clients, and collaborators who are helping us along the way. Finalist of the Sharks Innovation at the American Society of Anesthesiologist Annual Meeting 2022.


What is Hoopcare Partners?
Hoopcare Partners is nation-wide group of anesthesiologists and clinicians, experts in perioperative medicine.
I have an open position for a Preoperative Director, can Hoopcare Partners help me?
We believe that Hoopcare can take on the Preoperative Director role for you, or at least show you the ropes for building a successful preoperative clinic. Whether you need just an improved preoperative technology pipeline, or a turnkey clinic staffed by Hoopcare clinicians, we can do it all.
How does your Hoopcare Perioperative Copilot work?
Hoopcare makes it easy to achieve high quality surgical preparation for all of your patients from home.

Here’s how it works:

1. Include your Hoopcare QR code or link on your patient surgical instructions: Patients can scan your practice's unique QR code (or type it) and immediately register in the patient web app from any desktop or mobile device.

2. Take the AI assessment
: Patients complete a comprehensive, personalized intake assessment to generate their surgical risk evaluation and automated care plans (recommended testing and health optimization).

3. Connect with a Hoopcare clinician: Patients requiring medical clearance are matched with an expert pre-surgery provider for a comprehensive video evaluation. Following the video visit, patients and their provider(s) are sent a preoperative care plan including our detailed evaluation, required testing and specialist referrals, and risk assessment.

4. Follow your care plan with 24/7 support: 24/7 online chat support and education modules that patients can use at their own pace.

5. Make progress until and after your surgery: we ask patients about their progress weekly and push reminders of important preparation steps, so you can achieve the best results.