Make surgery safer.

1 in 5 surgical patients experience a complication.
We are building the premier healthcare company
to prepare patients for surgery.

Through our novel approach to care delivery, powered by our proprietary platform and brands built around specific surgery, we combine the best of specialist-level healthcare with the convenience of telemedicine.

Prepare your surgery & anesthesia with our experts

Improve preparation.
Avoid complications.

We provide optimal preparation for your surgery.

Anemia management, tobacco cessation support, undernutrition management.

Make surgery safer.

Improve your recovery and reduce complications.


Improve preparation.
‚ÄćReduced complications.

Medical studies* shows that optimal preparation before surgery is associated with fewer complications during and after the procedure, such as heart attacks or infections.

HoopCare is powered by artificial intelligence to deliver personalized surgical care plans derived from evidence-based enhanced recovery protocols and our proprietary surgical risk algorithms.

We are transforming surgery by empowering patients with personalized home care to achieve the best outcome, at lower cost.

Clinical programming encompasses design, implementation,
and oversight of clinical protocols including screening and
preparation pathways.

The platform incorporate technical, operational, and care coordination workflows to ensure the optimal patient and provider experience.  

strive for


State-of-the-art assessment and personalized preparation plans.

focus on


Preparing and recovering from procedures at home safer and easier than ever before.


Treatment Plans

Derived from evidence-based recovery protocols and our proprietary algorithms.



We are on this journey with you.
24/7 Doctor access

Our specific programs

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Our mission
‚ÄćImprove the safety and quality of surgery.

We are transforming perioperative care with the next generation of enhanced care protocols that are personalized to fit your patients and providers.

Using proprietary AI algorithms, we learn what works and what doesn't at your hospital, measure key performance indicators against our benchmarks and provide an EHR-integrated toolset for personalized care plan implementation and analytics.
- Dr. Richard Boyer, thoracic anesthesiologist at the Presbyterian Hospital.

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Just a click away to fix high-risk factors. Before it's too late.

‚Äć‚ÄčInitial algorithms include screening and management of¬†high-risk factors such as:
- Anemia & blood management
- Smoking cessation
- Undernutrition management
- Cardiovascular assessment
- Obstructive sleep apnea screening

Many more soon available.


Our clinical trials

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Our partners

Over 5,000 patients prepared
for surgery with HoopCare


patients prepared

Over 5,000 patients prepared for surgery with HoopCare.

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clinical trials

Our research unit is developing future technologies to build a safer and more efficient healthcare system.

Our clinical trials

About us

The mission of hoop is to improve the safety and quality of surgery, by increasing patient engagement, personalizing perioperative management and automating comprehensive preoperative assessment.
HoopCare is powered by proprietary AI algorithms that automate and improve on evidence-based perioperative protocols with individual health metrics, surgical quality data and PROMs.
HoopCare (initially Intelligence Anesthesia) was founded in 2020 by a multinational team of anesthesiologists and data scientists. We have two headquarters, one in New York City and one in Paris, France.

We build the future of surgical and anesthesia technologies.